Below are testimonials from some of my students and clients, regarding their experience(s) with sessions and classes in Reiki & IET®, as well as the Amethyst Biomat and Remote sessions with me.
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"I had a beatiful mini session with Michelle! My sister and friend and I went to the Healthy Living Expo and we hung out at Michelle's booth most of our day! You could just feel the healing, warm, caring energy. Each of us had a healing session with Michelle. And as we collected our info she handed us all cards for a mini sessions! We were all so excited! I will be honest. I had misplaced the card so it took me like a month to finally use it. Michelle was very excited to get my e-mail and we set up a time. I called her and I felt like as soon as I heard her voice all this negative energy caming spilling out of me like I was being cleared from the first moment we spoke. Our mini session went on and we talked and laughed and it was amazing!! When we were done, I felt like a new person and I haven't been the same since! I feel lighter, free, insightful, more creative. It's just simply amazing. Thank you so much Michelle, I just can't thank you enough. And I can't wait to try your bio mat!!!! Thank you."
~ Carla R.

"I know Michelle, 'you couldn't have done it without me'! The truth is, Michelle facilitates healing through the most beautiful gift she has been given. And it is I, Maria, who couldn't have done it without her. And furthermore, without many of you. I feel so incredibly fortunate and again I will state 'grateful'. Yes, I have made progress wonderful, awesome, terrific. What I thought I did by forgiving was only half of it. Yes, truly forgiving is huge and lifts a huge weight off and you feel it, you really do. What I did not realize was all that muck and mire was still embedded in my body. I will use Michelle's word (I know she won't mind) and they are golden get ready because they are Huge . . . 'The issues in your tissues!' I know, told ya. ;) Michelle has the gift to facilitate that release. Michelle does this in the most loving, gentle, comfortable way you can imagine, with the wonderful sense of humor she has been blessed with also. Michelle did mention at one point that, 'Oh, I can feel you ready to smack me.' She was clearing negative energy and there was a great amount of anger I was (storing up energy, I was not consciously aware) apparently 'very, very, extremely pissed' and I was carrying that around. The long winded point I am trying to make is that I, Maria, truly believed I was better and the truth is I was not. Finding your truth, acknowledging, forgiviness all huge and needed. I did not realize the next step that needed to be done - 'Release' - and that is ok! This group, thank you Bob, put Michelle in my path to help me do that. I thank myself for allowing myself to step out of fear and allow all the wonderful gifts I am receiving. I thank Michelle for her offer to help us as a group and individually. I thank all of you, the truth is if I did not feel SAFE with all of you I could not have made the progress I have. My heartfelt love for you Michelle you truly are a HEALER. LOVE AND THANKS TO ALL"
~ Maria (New Jersey)

"I, too, have been blessed working with Michelle. She has helped me release so so much and is ever supporting. After my session with Michelle early last week, I went to my chiropractor who was amazed at my relaxed body and he could move the muscle in my left shoulder for the first time in 12 months. Then onto a remedial massage the next day, she too was amazed, for 12 months she has been working so hard to shift blocked stuff in my back, arm and neck muscles, and Michelle did it on one session. Michelle is an amazing healer and makes the whole process so easy to understand and it all makes so much sense. I have learnt the art of forgiveness, anger and grief has dissipated, and I now have my excitement and energy back. Next session with Michelle will be on fear caus I don't like that feeling and once I release that, look out world! Thank you Bob Doyle for this group and allowing Michelle to work her magic. Much gratitude, appreciation, and bundles of love to you all. Xoxoxo."
~ Janet (Australia)

"Thank you, Michelle! Your session yesterday was wonderful. I've spent many years studying and experimenting with different spiritual practices and healing modalities, and have never experienced such an immediate and powerful connection to anything else I've tried. I can't wait to start my own journey with IET®!"
~ K.F. (Springfield, MA)

"I 'met' Michelle in the midst of a family crisis. She not only supported me energetically, in ways that I could feel energetically, physically and emotionally, but she has been generous with her wisdom and encouragement throughout. She brings in angels to help. I was never a believer in angels before, but now I am. She has also brought her healing to my children. Their energetic selves talk to her and tell her their deepest feelings. She has been spot on when she tells me what they have said - these children she has never met or spoken to (at least in their earthly forms). Michelle is a true healer and selfless spirit. I am blessed to have met her and to continue to work with her for myself and my family."
~ Nancy (Boston, MA)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you (can I say thank you enough?) Michelle for some remote energy work when I needed it the most. I am actually calm and breathing deep for the first time in a couple weeks! (This is a shameless plug for Michelle . . . seriously, she is amazing)."
~ J.S. (Easthampton, MA)

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