I'm happy to introduce you to the work of Simone Matthews, if you don't already know about it. I "fell into" her website early in 2013. It is a VERY comprehensive website and has so much information including "energy reports", numerology, information on sacred geometry and certification classes. There are free videos as well. I immediately clicked on the link to receive her newsletter.

I read and re read about her Essence of Angels® Certification trainings as well as her Crystal Healers Certification training. You know how much I love the Angels!! I thought to myself, "OH, how I would love to take her Essence of Angels® Certification training – but she's in Australia! It would be so nice to take it here in the states someplace."

Ask and it is given, as I like to say. In one of her newsletters she mentioned she and her husband along with their two children were going to embark on a Spiritual Travellers Tour and would be coming to the US. During this tour she will be offering free talks and certification classes. Well, sign me up and call me tickled pink!

I contacted Simone and quickly realized that I would not be able to host an event, but I could certainly support her Spiritual Travellers Tour by posting her events on my website and in my newsletter. So, here we are – thanks to Jess Steinman (www.intouchwithspirit.com), there is a page created just for you - to see where Simone and her family will be. Perhaps they'll be in a city near you or one you can travel to with relative ease!

I encourage you to take a look at Simone's website - www.universallifetools.com - and if you're so inclined to register for any of the events, please use the links below. I'd like Simone to know that I am indeed promoting her tour. Yes, I will be taking her Essence of Angels® Certification training in one of her US locations . . . Perhaps I'll see you there!

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Types of Events with Simone:
(Descriptions courtesy of Simone's website)

Sacred Ancient Wisdom - Free Talk

During her Spirited-Travellers World Tour, Simone M. Matthews with be facilitating a series of Free Public talks on "Sacred Ancient Wisdom" and sharing practical tools and ancient practices to inspire, awaken and transform peoples lives from the inside out.

During these 2.5 hour talks, Simone will be discussing how we can raise the human spirit to a higher place by living our lives as direct expressions of Sacred Ancient Wisdom. Participants will learn to "speak the language" of the field, learn how to move beyond needless pain and suffering and will be gifted practical techniques to transcend old programs and fear-based limiting beliefs.

Simone will be facilitating these talks as FREE events open to the public (bookings essential) and these talks will also precede Simone's Essence of Angels® / Crystal Light Healing® Certification events.

Essence of Angels® Certification Course

Our Essence of Angels® workshops are nurturing events where you have the opportunity to Dive Deep into yourself in an intimate setting to remove the blocks that inhibit your natural experience of joy, freedom, abundance and health and healing.

During out Essence of Angels® weekend workshops you will discover how to:

- Embrace COURAGE and not let fear hold you back from living your dreams
- Transform your VULNERABILITY into your greatest STRENGTH
- HEAL yourself from dis-ease and patterns of limitation & low self-worth
- Connect with unlimited WISDOM, the ALL-KNOWING SOURCE of Creation through you.

The Essence of Angels® is not just another workshop on Angels! The workshop is a transformational event of connection and divine ownership of the POWER of CREATION through YOU!!! You are a MIRACULOUS DIVINE BEING . . . and the Essence of Angels® will awaken you to this memory and change your life forever!!!

October 2015
October 2
The Well-Being Center
of Malibu
Dume Drive
Malibu, CA
Sacred Ancient Wisdom
(FREE Talk -
Pre-registration required)
To register:
Click here
October 3
October 4
The Well-Being Center
of Malibu
Dume Drive
Malibu, CA
Essence of Angels®
(Pre-registration required)
To register:
Click here
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