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A Reiki Session
The information below will give you a good understanding of what to expect during a typical Reiki Session.

I begin each session with an intake assessment. I ask about one's physical health, personal stresses, relaxation and meditation experience. The answers to these questions give me an understanding of what is going on in a person's life and may help me offer ways they can help themselves between sessions, to reduce their stress.

As we know, stress is the number one cause of illness and disease in the physical body today. Taking control of our health is our responsibility, and Reiki can help you regain your individual health. Reiki reduces stress and promotes relaxation. When we are more relaxed, we tend to sleep better and deeper. It is when we sleep deeply that our body's own ability to heal itself kicks in. Our emotional mood tends to lighten. And, if the "only" thing a person notices after a session is that they feel less stress and they are sleeping better, I know that with continued Reiki, they will begin to manifest health. And frankly, who among us wouldn't welcome feeling less stress and better health!

A full session will last an hour to an hour and a half. You remain fully clothed. You are asked to remove your shoes, watch, clinky jewelry and hearing aids, if you wear them. You will be asked if you have any areas of pain or particular concern.

My individual healing room is filled with soft music and dim lighting. My clients have a pillow for their head (and knees if they so desire) and can cover with blankets if they choose. Frequently, people will fall asleep within a short time after I begin. I tell clients that this is their gift to themselves. They needn't "do" anything.

Reiki can be done with hands on or off the body. The general hand placements are as follows. I begin with hands over the eyes (this quiets things visually), then the ears (quieting the outside world). My hands then go to the back of the head, then in front of the throat center. From there, I move to the heart center, the solar plexus and then to the root center. Our legs and feet support us every day of our lives; therefore, I also work on the knees, ankles and feet. Please note that I said "general" hand placements. Often I am guided to other areas of the body, either by the client's comments during the intake assessment or by my intuition.

A series of four sessions within a two-week time period is recommended. The reason for this is that it can take up to 4 sessions for an individual's energy centers to open and remain open, thereby promoting the balance that is so necessary for us to manifest health. It is usually at this point that I recommend Level I Reiki to people. It is only by taking responsibility for ourselves and our health that we can truly begin to heal.

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