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Animals and Reiki
Animals are energy magnets!

Animals enjoy Reiki - the extra attention and feeling of the energy draws them to the Reiki Healer, who sends Reiki by simply patting, stroking or touching the animal. Many pet owners look to take a Reiki workshop themselves for the sole purpose of offering healing support for themselves and their animal companions.

Animals are very receptive to Reiki. They generally have a more vibrant energy system and their duration of recovery tend to be superior. They will also have less accrued stress and emotional blockages. Pets will generally warm up to a Reiki practitioner quicker than they would with other strangers. It cannot be forced onto a pet. If they are uncomfortable with the treatment, or if they just don't want it, they will let the practitioner know it.

Arthritic pets have greater mobility.

Anxious pets seem more relaxed and comfortable.

Stress related to a move was greatly reduced after just one session!

Unexplained recurrent stomach distress is relieved.

For dying animals, Reiki is a powerful yet gentle way to provide comfort, relief from pain, fear, and anxiety, and to ease the transition to death. One canine cancer patients' mother is certain her pet is still with her because of Reiki!

Come let your pet experience this gentle healing energy for him/herself. Reiki is NOT a medicine nor is it intended to replace modern veterinary care. It does, however, work extremely well in CONJUNCTION with modern veterinary medicine. It can help reduce post surgical stress, promote quicker healing after surgery, and in general keep your pet well balanced and happy.

Reiki is unconditional love . . . What better gift can you give your pet - it's exactly what he or she gives you!

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